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About us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

To revolutionise the jewellery industry and provide thoughtful and personalised designs, Dezi Jewels came into existence as an inspiration and inclination to engineer functional designs in the jewellery sector.

Dezi was conceived by Swati Smart keeping in mind the art of practicality as well as the unique appearance one can create by wearing the exact jewellery that the heart desires for the occasion.


Our Story

Dezi Jewels are seeded to consistently, create a customer-centric yet sustainable jewellery brand that brings a contemporary approach to jewellery design and business.


The brand lives with a single overarching objective to bring the best jewellery designs to its customers by making 'studio' designs accessible and also curating custom-crafted designs for the look they desire to achieve. To put it in simplicity, DEZI Jewels should be your go-to brand when you think of everyday premium jewellery.


Our Philosophy

Our foundation is laid on the philosophy of balance in functionality, freedom and a fulfilling experience while buying jewellery. We constantly work to specialise in providing a seamless way to shop, share and shine with our passionate designs, the practicality of choosing your metal/stone and complete your experience by curating personalized design which will become a permanent delightful memory for you.


Jewellery designs that are entirely tailored for not only your style but also your emotions. To an extent, if you want to go with a look defined as "no-jewellery" jewellery, we shall have the design to suit your look.


We also believe in uplifting the 'sonar' community by ways of inclusion and setting up a robust system to touch many lives and keeping the master artistry alive in the community.

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